Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Animal Print and Leather.


Hello everyone, it's being a while I haven't update you guys with some goodies. As you all know the weather has completely changed so am going to switch to the winter fashion trend. Too bad, am  going  miss spring and summer trend. Am in love with animal prints and it's one of the latest trend in the fashion  world of today and it not going away soon because it a natural arts design. It can be   pretty much worn with anything  and to all occasion.
Am wearing a high waist leather Pant, animal prints top and I try to keep it simple with not too many  accessories. Leather is  a high  fashion trend in the fall and winter. Leather should be a must have for  all ladies during this season. Hope you learn something from my little tips. Always be creative.
cheers Jenny.

Sunday, November 10, 2013



Hello my lovely friends.
Hope you all had a splendid weekend? Mine was great too I had 
A wonderful time with my hubby and son.
Sorry for the late post I knew you all was waiting to see my new 
Post and fashion tips. It was a sunny and Windy weekend but I did my best
To put these few photos for my fans hope u will like it.
Overall can be worn all year long but to make it classic and stylish
 throw a flashy tank top underneath and basic accessories. As you can see I rock mine with
a colorful Strip sweater, dark khaki color ankle boot and my antique cross bag.
With this outfit you can definitely be looker 
Thanks all for stopping by, please feel free to ask question and comment on my 
Post as your respond is highly needed 
Xoxo Jenny.

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