Sunday, October 5, 2014




Hello and happy new month people. Hope you  all are having a blissful weekend. As for me am just home getting ready for church I haven't thought of no place to go after church because its really cold.
On this  Post am Featuring this Olive color  Jumpsuit from H&M .I  fell in love with this  jumpsuit  the moments I set my eyes on  the TV commercial. I  said to myself  this will look  timeless and edgy on me and  guess what? the price was unbelievable ($20).You can never go wrong to add a simple but yet classy staple to your wardrobe  this fall. 
To add a glimpse to this outfit, I  opted for Neutral ankle bootie, clutch  & hat. Neutral or Nude has taken the place of black all year long. It can be worn basically with any color. I finished the look with a statement necklace and chain belt.
Tips: Whenever you wear an outfits like jumpsuit or overall, you always  want to keep it simple
or minimal. Small earrings can do it, and a statement necklace or belt can brighten up your look.
Hope you liked it, for my tips and enquires please leave a comment,email or follow me on the social media icon listed on the top right hand side of my page. Thanks and a blessed week ahead.
Jumpsuit : H&M
Bootie (old) : AnnTaylor
Clutch (old):  Zappos
Hats:  (old) :Forever21
Belt& Ring: Thrifts store.
Necklace:     Rossstore
lipsticks: Maybelline(drug store)
Photographer :Blackbelt_jones

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  1. Love the jumpsuit so perfect for fall, I'm trying to get me one that flatters my body! Looks good on you!

    xoxo Akinyi


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