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Hello lovelies, how are u all doing? Hope u all ready for winter? As the weather temperature keeps Changing from 60 to 30 degrees.I guess you all have reorganize your closet  for the season. As for my other readers from the west and east cost of Africa, you are just fine no need to reorganize your closet ,because the weather is amazing .
Fall! Fall! Fall! this is my favorite season, the weather can be friendly someday and some other day it get  extremely cold but the fun part is the beauty of Nature, God makes everything beautiful on earth. The colors on the leaves are just Spectacular different colors that amazes people, Bravo to the Artist who turns nature into a beautiful peace of art work.
On this post I  kept everything simple but yet eye catching. Cobalt blue is one of 2014 favorite color in the fashion industry. I was not a big fan of blue but I decided to give it a try, the sweater has yellow and it I think it compliment well with the blue, for a more fun  look I opted for a white skinny Jeans, yellow cross bag and a matching blue pump, I  kept my accessories minimal.
Jenny's TIPS:
Wearing Cobalt Blue can be fun or funny its all depends on how you play around  with the colors. It's can go with lots of colors but always try to avoid black, if you wants to be noticed when you walk down the streets or out of your car. These are the colors you want to play around with RED, YELLOW,WHITE,& ORANGE trust me you will never go wrong.
Secondly keep your accessories minimal don't over do!

What I Wore:
Sweater: Thrift Store
Pants  and bag: Here
Pump: Shoe Dazzle
Watch :Michael Kors
face and Lips: Mac (ruby woo)

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment and send me an email of your questions.

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