Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Hello Lovelies, how you all doing had a great thanksgiving  celebration with families and love ones.  I had a great time too, am grateful and thankful to God for all he has done for me throughout the year, he is indeed an awesome God and he deserve our thanks everyday not only on thanksgiving.
I wore this dress two weeks ago for a date night with y husband, I didn't  plan on taking photos but after taking one shot and i love the outcome of the entire  look i decided to get some more photos.
This dresses is simple but has a gorgeous details  at the back which makes it a perfect for that evening. It can be worn for dinner date, parties or a garden party at spring time. It can  also be worn all year long, summer /spring without a coat, but a perfect sandals can pull it off.  For  fall /winter a perfect warm and cozy coat or jacket and a tight  with a knee high boot or ankle boot can make you look WOW!
let me know  what you think. ? Thanks for stopping by love you all.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pleated Vintage top

Hi Fashion lovers, how are you all doing ?  Hope everyone is having a great week. On today's post am featuring this pleated vintage top that i got from my thrifty collection. As you know i love fashion but my main goal is to tell the world that fashion doesn't have to be expensive it all depend to your style and budget. Am a big fan of vintage contemporary pieces because they are very unique and they always make you stand out. Fashion  is not chasing after seasonal or pricey trends  it's all about how you styled it and it should  come from within.
The top is just elegant in it own way ,i love the color , texture, the pleated details and the flowers it has it the front. I opted to style it in 3 different ways, as a button down shirt, off shoulder top and a causal style by tiring the button,to finish the look a perfect lace up block heel sandals compete the look. which style your favorite? Let me know by living a comment below.

What I Wore:
                                                                 Top: Vintage find
                                                                 Sandals: Chalotte Russ

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Happy Thursday Fashion lovers, hope everyone  is fine . Am equally doing great. 
Today's post is appropriate far a corporate  office, political settings or any important meeting. For those chic who works in a corporate setting and wants to infuse a little dose of glamour into your daily attire  then this look is perfect for you. 
Here is how to slay in a suit in fall or winter, throwing your coat over your shoulder, a great bag or clutch is essential and a statement will make your look from blah to bomb, Lastly a Fab shoe is a must either  heels or flat can pull off this look.
 I know fall is here but i was very anxious to wear this suit that have never worn I even forget I have this amazing  suit. Hope you like the way i paired it with my nude swede pump. This hand bag was just perfect for this out. 
                                     What I wore: 
                                  Suit : Old Gifted (Hubby)
                                  Shoes: Stevemaden
                                   Bag: bebe
                                    Necklace: jcrew

Friday, August 26, 2016


Happy Friday fashion lovers, I hope you guys are ready for an awesome weekend. Today 's outfits post is all about how to transition some of  your summer outfit  into the fall. As we all know summer is almost gone and fall is gradually cribbing in.  No need to worry the key is to be creative learn  how to mix match your summer pieces to create that perfect fall look.  Bomber jacket is a perfect staple for the fall you can be paired with anything so also every girl should own a white dress for summer.
  Here is how I transform this look from a simple summer look to a trendy classic fall inspired look. By throwing the camo jacket over my shoulder  makes me looks tough but feminine , for a little glam I added  a pop of  color with my  cage sandals, and to finish  the look a touch of gold on the sandals compliment well with the bag and bracelet not forgetting  to measure my statement vintage earrings  which bring out my face for that natural hair up do.
Hope this  look inspire you and please tag me on my social media to see how you rock your summer
outfits in fall.

                    What i wore:
              Shoes: HSN
               Bags: Vintage
               Earrings : Thrifts store finds
               Bracelet:   Thrifts  store finds.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Dashiki Dress

Today's post is all about the Dashiki Print, I guess a lot of you have been seeing this print everywhere. This print has become so popular that everyone wants to wear it, this print has capture the heart of many through various  means. Way back in Africa especially west Africa Sierra Leone where i came from wearing african print is a must, it part of our culture. Some print with different symbols and colors represent a particular tribe and tradition but when the Dashiki print came out 7-8 years ago it became  everyone 's favorite. But it never came to my mind that it would  become this popular worldwide. Currently in US at especially in the state where Maryland where I lived people are rocking it everywhere . 
So I decided to Rock mine which have own over 6 years which was laying in my suitcase . Wearing this print makes me remember home and I love the way it brings out the girly side of me. I adore the colors and the simplicity  of the dress.  I just want to kept it sample wearing a  yellow pump and my woven hand made bag and my animal prints sunny from Here
 Thanks for stopping by please share your thought and comment below.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What is True Happiness

Hello people, how you all doing ? Today's post is base on real talk. What does happiness really means to you?  Many people  have different perspective of what true happiness means. In my opinion being happy is a choice, and it comes from within. For someone to be happy you have to love yourself and accept all what you have presently while thriving for what you don't have at the moment.  If you are not happy with yourself you will never make others happy.
In my case I came to realize what happiness is all about when I became a first time mum to my beloved son who is now 5. I begin to understand what happiness i really about, happiness is not sold in the store you have to make it happen ,sometime i have a stress day at work but immediately am at the daycare door to pick my son off I feel happy and refresh and that priceless smile in his face brings me unmeasurable joy and happiness. Another way to keep yourself happy is to pursue something you love don't follow the crowd instead follow your instinct . In my case blogging is one of the things I love doing and it brings me some sought of happiness. My advice to you is to make happiness your best friend, no  matter what you are going through in life just try to be happy  and trust God that better days are yet to come.
                                                      What I wore
                                                 Tuxedo dress: Vintage. (thrift store finds)
                                                 Bag:  Here
                                                 Sandals & Sunglasses: Here
                                                 Hearing : vintage finds.

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