Saturday, January 16, 2016

A surprise Birthay Getaway.



what I wore:
Dress:  tjmaxx
Sandals,clutch,& earings  macy's
watch: Michael Kors


                                                                What I wore:
                                                                sweater: macy's
                                                                Pant & sneakers:tjmaxx
                                                                NexklaceFashion figure:(old)

                                                             what I wore:
                                                             Top: thrifts finds
                                                              Flare Jeans: old Express
                                                              Bag &boots tjmaxx

                                                                what I wore:
                                                                 Skirt, top,sandals macy's
                                                                  Hats & bag tjmaxx
                                                                  Necklace: gojane

                                                               What I wore:
                                                           Romper:marshalls finds
                                                            Tights: DSW

Happy Saturday lovely people, I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed and prosperous 2016. Officially this is my first post for 2016, I knew have been gone for ages, pardon my excuses but I do hope you all would understand. Reason #1why I have been out of blogging for a while was I had a difficult labor with my second baby back in July. (details about my delivery would be posted on up coming blog)  I was anemic and most times I was feeling dizzy so my doctor advice me  to rest and stay  home as much as I can.
Reason #2 was I lost my beloved Father on 11/24/15  due to congestive heart failure which took me and my family by surprise am still in shock and I can't believe my dad is no more, nevertheless we all know death is inevitable. It wasn't a good way to end the year, all my plans where cancelled including my 30th Birthday dinner cruise which was booked for the 1/9/2016. Also me and my family were  planning to go see my parent this coming Easter in Sierra Leone in other for them to meet my kids for the 1st time.(hmmmm) oh death!
 At this time my family and I are holding to 1st Thessalonians 5:18 which says in all things give him thanks for that is his will for us.
      This post is about my surprise birthday getaway, it was not planned and I wasn't expecting nothing from my loving husband due to the unplanned funeral expenditure he just took care of. I had to travelled to Africa for 20 days leaving him with our 4 years and 4 month old baby.

He woke me up on Friday the 9th and told me I want us to spend your birthday at downtown Baltimore my respond was ok cool, I took shower and as I was dressing he told me to pack few more things because we would  be going for two days, I was surprised and didn't know what and what to pack. I told him to give me two hours so I could ran to the mall to get some stuff and to do my makeup because my face was breaking out due to the stress. I came back ,call my aunty telling her we wants to drop the kids for weekend luckily she was off for the weekend she said that fine.
To cut long matter short  we spend the weekend (thanks to my wonderful one in a million husband) at a very nice hotel called Royal Sonesta ,I love everything about this hotel,they make you feel royal as the name implies I could recommend it to anyone who want to make that special moment memorable. I had a great and memorable time, we went  for dinner, movie and shopping spa even though the weather was not in our favor rainy & super cold so we weren't able to take some outdoor photos, hope you guys liked it.

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  1. I'm in love with that mustard sweater and the hat. You look fabulous overall sis.


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