Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Dashiki Dress

Today's post is all about the Dashiki Print, I guess a lot of you have been seeing this print everywhere. This print has become so popular that everyone wants to wear it, this print has capture the heart of many through various  means. Way back in Africa especially west Africa Sierra Leone where i came from wearing african print is a must, it part of our culture. Some print with different symbols and colors represent a particular tribe and tradition but when the Dashiki print came out 7-8 years ago it became  everyone 's favorite. But it never came to my mind that it would  become this popular worldwide. Currently in US at especially in the state where Maryland where I lived people are rocking it everywhere . 
So I decided to Rock mine which have own over 6 years which was laying in my suitcase . Wearing this print makes me remember home and I love the way it brings out the girly side of me. I adore the colors and the simplicity  of the dress.  I just want to kept it sample wearing a  yellow pump and my woven hand made bag and my animal prints sunny from Here
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  1. you look amazing in these colors!

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