Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What is True Happiness

Hello people, how you all doing ? Today's post is base on real talk. What does happiness really means to you?  Many people  have different perspective of what true happiness means. In my opinion being happy is a choice, and it comes from within. For someone to be happy you have to love yourself and accept all what you have presently while thriving for what you don't have at the moment.  If you are not happy with yourself you will never make others happy.
In my case I came to realize what happiness is all about when I became a first time mum to my beloved son who is now 5. I begin to understand what happiness i really about, happiness is not sold in the store you have to make it happen ,sometime i have a stress day at work but immediately am at the daycare door to pick my son off I feel happy and refresh and that priceless smile in his face brings me unmeasurable joy and happiness. Another way to keep yourself happy is to pursue something you love don't follow the crowd instead follow your instinct . In my case blogging is one of the things I love doing and it brings me some sought of happiness. My advice to you is to make happiness your best friend, no  matter what you are going through in life just try to be happy  and trust God that better days are yet to come.
                                                      What I wore
                                                 Tuxedo dress: Vintage. (thrift store finds)
                                                 Bag:  Here
                                                 Sandals & Sunglasses: Here
                                                 Hearing : vintage finds.


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